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Effects of supplementary budgets in Kenya

Our research has shown that in most cases, there is no public participation during the drafting of supplementary budgets in Kenya. This runs from the national level all the way to the 47 counties.

These budgets are developed during retreats outside the county territory in most cases.

I urge Members of County Assembly (MCAs) across Kenya to invest in proper research in order to enage in informative debate at the floor of the house. For instance during the debate on supplementary budget for Nairobi on 21 December 2018, one of the MCA noted that Nairobi County contributes 60 % of Kenya’s GDP. We now know that this is not true after the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics released the Gross County Product 2019.

In Kenya, supplementary budgets are largely used for reallocation of resources within the same sector.

Summary of changes made:

  • The supplementary budget for FY 2018/2019 effectively increased the total approved budget from Ksh 32 billion to Ksh 33 billion;
  • An extra Ksh. 343 million was allocated towards the Office of the Governor;
  • The payment of contractual guards under the Environment sector received Ksh. 446 million;
  • The education sector budget was increased by Ksh. 89 million while the health budget was increased by Ksh. 66.2 million;
  • Ksh 150 million was moved from contracted guards and cleaning services to ward based services both under the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources sector;
Photo: Amka Na Mtaa Radio Show host Mr. Kamadi Amata during today show at Mtaani Radio in Nairobi.
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