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Prof. Tom Ojienda held in police custody for misappropriation of funds at Mumias

Posted on 2018-12-29 at 19:36:29 PM

Since Friday Prof. Tom Ojienda is in police custody over claims of misappropriation of funds at Mumias sugar company.

This is part of what what has been termed as “kamata kamata” which takes place of Fridays to make sure those accused of corruption spend more time in police custody.

This is part of the ongoing corruption war in Kenya.

However, victims and their lawyers are crying because they feel that their rights are violated.

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Today the officials from corruption fighting agencies Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Director of Public Persecution (DPP) and EACC pitched tent at Prof Tom Ojienda’s office in search of evidence to be used against him.

For many years Prof. Tom Ojienda served as Dr. Evans Kidero’s lawyer hence the suspected connection to corruption.

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