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The adoption of Christmas trees has taken root over the past 400 years. They are spreading fast even to the remotest parts of the world.

The Christmas tree first spread from Northern Europe to America, Asia, Africa and all over the world.

Therefore, it is now clear that Christmas trees were not invented by Africans, Americans or Asians. It was invented by Germans. It was later introduced to the United State of American by the German immigrants in the 19th Century.

The initial reaction over the Christmas tree was not so good. The Americans of that time considered Christmas tree a pagan invention.

The Christmas tree has always faced mixed reactions. For example the tree was outlawed in England in the 17th Century.

However, finally the Christmas trees have been embraced all over the world. Now you can buy or see them in many global cities from Nairobi to Rome.

Experts advise that people should purchase the artificial x-mas trees as opposed to natural ones because the latter do not easily catch fire.

This is why the flammability of Christmas tree has been one of the greatest concerns by the buyers.

Finally, there has been concerns over the ‘consumerism’ of Christmas time whereby Christians spend too much resources. This has also promoted mass production of toys, Santa clothes and Christmas trees.

The situation is dire considering that those who do not have the money end up plunging into debts.

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