Italian Mafia- Ndrangheta- generating $60 billion per year

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Italian Mafia- Ndrangheta- generating $60 billion per year

On a regular basis, Domenico Oppedisano took his fruits to the market in his local town of Rosano in Southern part of Italy.

This 80-year old man was also working elsewhere. He was the “chair of the board” of Italy most feared mafia group called Ndrangheta Mafia.

ThisNdrangheta mafia group has dominated cocaine business for many years since the 19th Century. Analysts have indicated that the mafia group generates $60 billion every financial year. This is equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product of Bulgaria or Croatia.

Ndrangheta mafia has huge networks in all major trafficking routes including Rotterdam, Brazil, West African Ports and Antwerp.

Ndrangheta mafia Investments

  • Bank accounts in Milan and Carlo;
  • Investments in Tourism in the area of French Riviera;
  • Public contracts in Northern Italy;
  • Hospitality industry
  • Real estate in Spain

Members of the Ndrangheta will never speak since they have vowed to maintain silence a situation called ‘omerta.’


Ndrangheta has also penetrated local politics to the core to the extent that the mafia can influence who wins elections in the parts of Italian cities.

Deep roots in the Judiciary System 

The judiciary has not been spared by the Mafia either. For instance, the group supplied prostitutes to one of the judges.

Tentacles in every day life 

The mafia has control of waste disposal, renewal energy, construction industry, tourism, agriculture, weapon and drug trafficking. The aim of Ndrangheta is to penetrate every aspect of Italian life.


All the dirty work of tracking drugs is sub-contracted to other criminal gangs called narco-freelancers who operate across the European continent.

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