Stalled projects in Kenya is a waste of taxpayers money

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Stalled projects in Kenya is a waste of taxpayers money

I’ve always been perplexed by numerous incomplete, abandoned or stalled projects in Kenya initially put in place by both national and counties across Kenya.

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The stalled projects in Kenya is a blatant waste of taxpayers money to say the least. I’ve always wrongly thought that it is poor people or extravagant people who start projects and abandon them midway. Now, I know better. Even the state has joined the club.

Why in the name of God would a government start a project if they can’t implement it into its successful conclusion?

A walk a round Kisumu County last week revealed that there are a number of stalled projects across the county. If implemented these projects would probably make life better for the residents.

For instance, Dunga Health Center is a perfect example of projects which have been completed but not beneficial to the local residents.

Dunga health center
Photo: Dunga health center located at the shores of Lake Victoria at Dunga beach in Kisumu County

The health center was completed two years ago but not yet operational. Reliable sources revealed to us that the health center has stalled because the contractor was not paid in full.

His Excellence the Governor is said to have officially opened the facility for operations but it only worked for two days before it was closed by the contractor who it is claimed has not been paid in full.

Expired drugs

A peep through the already open window revealed that there are expired drugs in the facility. Elsewhere, SBI construction company is nearly completing the Kakamega-Kisumu Road. The road passes right outside Dunga Health Center.

Stalled Extension of ECDE Center

A visit to Obunga informal settlements revealed to us that the children of that settlement are not getting a Fair deal out of the taxes they pay in the name of Value Added Tax (VAT) among others.

The existing public ECDE in Obunga is crowded since it is small in size and it shelters 120 pupils.

The center lacks essential facilities such a modern kitchen to facilitate the school feeding program. Therefore, the school management has hired the services of a vendor to supply cooked food for the pupils.

The current county govern laid the foundation of what may end up being an extra classroom but did not rise out of the foundation stage. The foundation slab is well laid, and the metal structures are in place. That is all.

The county should be more proactive by completing the projects that they begin.

We are not very sure whether the resources allocated to these stalled projects are still intact.

It will be shameful if this financial year ends without having those projects completed.

Kibos ECDE Center
Photo: Kibos ECDE Center in Kisumu County. This center has not been abandoned completely. Reliable sources revealed to us that 48 pupils meet outside the incomplete facility with their two teachers to learn. The teachers are paid by the parents to offer their services. We were further informed that the area has had problems right from the onset of devolution. This was a contested area between Kisumu East and Muhoroni Sub-Counties. 
Photo: Kibos ECDE Center
Photo: Kibos ECDE Center. This is an extra angle to give you a complete picture of the stalled ECDE Center. 

Non-completion is one of the largest betrayal for the faithful taxpayers. We urge all the affected residents to push the state continuously.

Outcomes may be better. God willing.

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Geoffrey Kerosi is a prolific Kenyan writer based in Nairobi City. Email: Skype: gkerosi Whatsapp: +254713 639 776 YouTube: Kerosi TV

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