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Kisumu County Targets to Collect Ksh. 30 M from Boda Bodas in 2018/2019

In 2018/2019, Kisumu County is planning to collect Ksh. 30 million from boda bodas. The operators are expected to pay Ksh. 20 shillings every day to the county government.

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Kisumu Boda boda operators.
Photo: Kisumu boda boda operators at work on a street in Kisumu City.

This translates to collecting Ksh. 600 every month from each and every boda boda operator. I talked to one of the operators who informed me that the operators have not accepted to start paying the Ksh. 20 every day. This is because there are some operators who have not been registered with the county. I was further informed that the negotiations between Kisumu County government and the operators is ongoing.

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