Dr. Ottichillo launches Vihiga County CIDP 2018-2022

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Dr. Ottichillo launches Vihiga County CIDP 2018-2022

The second Vihiga County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) is based on seven (7) priority areas. These are:

a) Promoting county unit and public participation

b) Promoting good governance and doing away with corruption in the county;

c) environmental conservation and sustainable development;

d) Human resource development;

e) reliable transport and communication infrastructure, strategic partnerships and local industry to trigger economic growth;

f) Youth empowerment through agri-business and;

g) Primary healthcare, water and sanitation;

The Vihiga Governor has also established a Vihiga 2018-2022 CIDP Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting Secretariat under his office.

“The journey to the prosperity of Vihiga County is underway. We have listened to the people. We have planned and got development partners and stakeholders together towards the realisation of our vision towards prosperity as captured in the 2018-2022 CIDP,” said Dr. Patrick Lumumba Saisi, Vihiga County Deputy Governor.

Healthcare sector

In the health sector, Vihiga County government is planning to construct a Kenya Medical Training College at Kegondi; jiggers control campaign; establishment of mobile health clinics; implement Ottichillo Care Mother and Child Health Programme and construct Vihiga County Hospital medical plaza. The construction of the plaza is ongoing and it’s estimate to cost the taxpayers a total of Ksh. 250 million.


Vihiga County does not want to be left behind when it comes to the education sector. The county is considering establishment of not just one university and many possibly at Kaimosi, Ebunange and Vokoli.

Currently, Vihiga County government wants the national government to establish a technical training college at Ebunangwe University College in Emuhaya. This facility was used by Masinde Muliro University as a campus until it was closed down by the Commission on University Education about five years ago due for the reason of failing to meet the set standards.

Water and Environment 

For the next five years up to 2022, Vihiga County is planning to promote rainwater harvesting, complete an hydo-power generation plant at Kaimosi, drill boreholes at the Vihiga County Referral Hospital and at all the sub-county hospitals and establish public cemeteries. In order to manage water and sanitation issues, Vihiga is planning to establish a water and sanitation company.

Public Service Reforms 

In order to improve service delivery, Vihiga County is planning to construct official residences for the governor, deputy governor and the speaker of the County Assembly. Further, they will construct the county headquarters, sub-county and ward offices. At this point I wonder what was Vihiga county doing for the first five years under devolution. This needs to be investigated. I promise to get back to you on this matter.

Vihiga County will embark on the development of civic education and public participation programme. This is a brilliant idea. If done well it will push Vihiga County to the frontier counties with high productivity and economic growth.

Agriculture and Livestock 

In order to contribute to the food security plan (one of the Big Four Agenda), Vihiga County is planning to promote small scale irrigation schemes and greenhouse farming; promote poultry feed production and fodder bulking among others.

Trade, Industry and Tourism 

Under this sector Vihiga County is planning to establish a water bottling plant in the county. I believe this is where counties go wrong. Their work is not to establish businesses and compete with the private sector. Instead, the role of the state is to create conducive business environment by providing the resource-intensive infrastructure such as roads or rail to fast-truck the transportation of agricultural and industrial goods to and from the market. Here I beg to disagree.

Construction of fresh produce markets at Luanda, Hamisi and Vihiga is a brilliant idea. Go for it. This will create a market for locally produced goods and services. The county would have been more creative by planning to strengthen value addition of agricultural produce.

Youth, Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services  

Vihiga County is planning to establish talent and empowerment centers I presume for the youth and nothing much under this sector.

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