Health Living and other Stories (Sunday 11/4/2018) 

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Health Living and other stories (Sunday 11/4/2018) 

Today I went out for a roadwork to keep fit and subsequently avoid lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, hypertension and diabetes among others.

I’ve not been able to exercise more regularly because of fake excuses such as: it’s raining today, i am busy today and I’ll do it tomorrow among others.

While doing my jogging, I made numerous observations which I am sharing in this article.

First, I’ve to note that jogging along a busy road is not the safest thing you can ever do. This is because the chances of a car, motorbike hitting you increases. The toxic fumes from motor vehicles or motorcycles is not the best for our lungs and health. It can cause untold damages to your life.

Secondly, along the road I encountered many dogs either lying on the roadside, eating food remains or just crossing the road to the other side. The last category are the ones we see crushed on major highways. I real feel for these dogs because they are never taken care of by their owners. Hence, they scavenge the  garbage heaps along the roads. Most dogs in urban areas are not savvy hunters  as their rural contemporaries.

Despite all these stray dogs, you find an adult ordering an artist to draw the image of a fierce dog on his gate to scare away people. Why all this nonsense. You can adopt the stray dogs, have them trained to offer the security which you dream about.

I remember dogs in rural village with a lot of nostalgia. These are the only animals of the canine family which I call dogs. When I was growing up my kinsmen had fierce looking dogs which would hunt small wild animals such as ebirongo (porcupines), ebibengi (wild dogs) and ebisimba (squirrels) among others. These are the dogs which do not tease, they bite you with accuracy.

On my return journey, I observed large queues of people waiting to be served hot mandazi for their breakfast. This reminds me of my college days. There was one particular mandazi maker (they deep fly the delicacy) near Nyayo Hostels on your way to Kilometer 1 (KM) at Kenyatta University who had a magic formula for retaining and addicting customers. Hundreds of students purchased her mandazi every morning. I hope if she used the windfall well, now she must be a land-lady or business owner somewhere in this big city.

The Sunday church goers were busy on their way to attend service this morning. On seeing them I remembered what one atheist said about Kenyans and their church going habit. For him, he believes that Kenyans are brainwashed with some christian practices in order to attend church service every Sunday and on that they look very spiritual. According to the atheist, this started when the Kenyans were very young. I am always surprised by the way people are able to pretend and act holy than holier when they are in the precinct of the Lord.  If you take a closer look, you will realize that some of the believers engage in immoral, evil and corrupt practices during the 6 days of the week but on church-going day, they act holy and without any blemish. These are the modern-day pharisees. Repent.

As I was running back to the house I crossed a bridge where I met a young man close to the river bed washing his face using the polluted water of Nairobi river. This caught my attention since I thought the man was not using his common sense. Was he not aware that the Nairobi rivers are highly toxic and polluted by all forms of impurities? Or was he a stranger in the city? If he would be aware that some people upstream real raw sewerage with human excreta and urine into the rivers like the one he was accessing its water. In addition to that I would see numerous vehicles being cleaned upstream at a car wash strategically located near the river to reduce the costs of operations such as buying water. I can’t allow the dirty water to touch even my legs or cloths. Over my dead body.

I was impressed by a soft-spoken slay-queen whom I encountered at one of the stages that I closed. I was negotiating my corner like a Eldoret Express Bus heading to the home of champions. This slay queen was accompanied by a young whom a guess was aged around 10 years. He had a great resemblance with the beautiful slay-queen. This boy might have been her brother or even son. Nowadays, you can’t tell who is a mother and who is not, more especially in the city where women know how to delay at the washrooms and before their mirrors as they add beauty to their appearance. In addition to that, some women give birth birth to children at very young age some as young as 14. If you follow closely the current affairs in Kenya, you might be aware that in October and earlier November 2018 at least 20 class 8 pupils were reported to have given birth during the 3 days Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) national examinations period. They all gave birth under various circumstances ranging from at the classroom to the health facilities. Their exams were delivered to their maternity wards to make sure no one is left behind.

The culprits who impregnated these under-age girls should be pursued and justice served as soon as possible. If you are out there and you are responsible for impregnating the 20 minors, the arm of the law will catch up with you. I cannot understand why you would not go out there and talk to the ladies who are of age, marry them and start a family. It’s very unfortunate if you are the one who had sexual intercourse with these girls and made them pregnant. The law will bruise you the wrong way and your place is prison with hard labor.

I know the readers of this blog will never forgive you. These are responsible parents who have sons and daughters and won’t allow you near their teenage girls.

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Geoffrey Kerosi is a prolific Kenyan writer based in Nairobi City. Email: Skype: gkerosi Whatsapp: +254713 639 776 YouTube: Kerosi TV

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