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Platform for Mining Oil and Gas 2018

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Platform for Mining Oil and Gas 2018

A forum for mining, oil and gas is currently ongoing in Nairobi at Safari Park Hotel and Casino. Many representatives of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), social movements, government, mining oil and gas companies attended the forum where they exchanged lots of experiences in the sector.

The forum was convened by Haki Madini and Nakuru-based organization Kenya Land Alliance (KLA). The objective of the forum was “amplify voices of host communities and enhance dialogue with government and companies on emerging issues and challenges faced in the mining, oil and gas areas and all citizens.”

The following topics will be discussed extensively:

a) Artisanal Mining

b) Land acquisition and compensation

c)Benefit Sharing  – local content and revenue sharing mechanisms ‘

c) Role of Counties in promoting benefit sharing

e) Community participation

f) Business and human rights

g) Environment and health rights

Roman Catholic Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth of Kisumu reminds us that minerals, oil and gas is a gift of God. This this mining will come wealth and people will come who want to posses everything and exploit the poor. This should be prevented in order to make mining, oil and gas a blessing and not a curse.

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