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County Planning and Budgeting in Kenya

Devolution created two levels of government in Kenya. That is National government and County government.

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The national government is made up of 3 arms of government: executive, judiciary and National Assembly.

On the other hand, the County government is made up of two arms of government. These are: the County Assembly and the County Executive.

The Governor is the leader of the County Executive Committee. One of the executive’s mandate is to propose legislation for consideration by the County Assembly.

Mandate of County Assembly 

a) Formulate laws

b) Approve the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP);

c) Play an oversight role;

d) Approve plans and policies;

Principles of Public Finance in Kenya 

Article 201 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 provides that there should be openness and accountability and promotion of Equitable Society. The equitable sharing between present and future generations.

Sources of revenues for County Government 

The following are the sources of revenue for County Governments in Kenya. These are:

a)Single Business Permits

b) Borrowing

c) Land rates

d) Equalization Fund;

e) Parking Fees;

f) Equitable share

Laws Public Participation 

The County Government Act 2012 

Section 105 (d) requires that county planning unit to ensure meaningful engagement of citizens.

Section 115 states that public participation is mandatory in County Government planning process.

Public Finance Management (PFM) 2012; 

This is a major law in Kenya which guides Public Finance Management. Section  126 requires all counties to formulate County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs); Annual Development Plan (ADP) and budget estimates.

Important dates in Kenya’s Planning and Budgeting Process 

The dates listed below are very important if you real want to influence how government spends taxpayer’s money. Mark them in your diary.

These are the important dates in County planning and budgeting process in Kenya.
These are the important dates in County planning and budgeting process in Kenya.

Why should I participate in the public Planning and Budgeting Process? 

a) Alignment of people’s priorities

b) Public participation can reduce corruption;

c) Encourages investors to to commit funds for projects in Kenya;

d) Creates ownership for public projects

e) Equitable distribution of resources

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