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In the past, I have only imagined that it’s easier to be a prolific writer but never at any time imagined that the same can be achieved in the academic world. Now I know better.

There are academics out there who are churning out papers on a weekly basis for decades. Those hyper prolific professors are our focus in this article.

I also realized that as you complain that Physics is hard, men and women out there are writing research paper with great findings on the subject day and night.

In China, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, policies reward citizens who get their papers published in reputable international journals. These incentives may be playing a role in their higher productivity in the world of academic publications.

Simple calculation indicates that if an author produces 72 papers a year, then they are producing an average of one paper every 5 days. That is impressive by all standards.

Out of 139 papers, 101 were on medicine; 11 were on health sciences; 17 were on brain; 6 were on Biology and 3 were on infectious diseases.

From Japan it’s reported that Akihisa Inove (former President of Tohoku University) holds the record for being prolific for more than a decade. In research papers which are indexed by Scopus his name appears in 2,566 full papers.

Research shows that 265 hyper-prolific academic authors reside in 37 nations around the globe. United States of America is leading with a Share of 50 authors followed at a distant second by Germany (28); Japan (27); Malaysia (13) and Saudi Arabia (7).

Erasmus University in Rotterdam, has a reputation for having a high concentration of hyper-prolific authors in one academic institution. There are a total of 7 such academics.

Who is an author?

According to Vancouver Criteria, authors must: “play a role in designing or conducting experiments; help write or revise the manuscript; approve the published version and take responsibility for the article’s content.”

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Geoffrey Kerosi is a prolific Kenyan writer based in Nairobi City. Email: info@kerosi.com. Skype: gkerosi Whatsapp: +254713 639 776 YouTube: Kerosi TV

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