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Assessing vaccination effectiveness

In this article, we shall review the vaccination effectiveness in countries where it is compulsory compared to those countries where it is voluntary. It’s reported that in many European nations vaccination is not compulsory but those nations do well than United States of America when it comes to high vaccination rates.

Despite what we believe that vaccination should be compulsory, one Mark Davis  may make you change your mind when he argues that:

was to argue that there is enough reasonable doubt that routine childhood vaccines could contribute to hyper-inflammatory disease, and enough reduced harm from vaccine-preventable diseases from other medical and public health interventions (in countries with greater economic resources) that parents should be given wide latitude to make individual choices re: routine childhood vaccines despite the clear benefits to individual and public health from preventing those diseases. – Mark Davis

But after discussing with Mark Webb (PhD), he changed his mind and learnt that:

widespread childhood vaccination is in the best interest of public health.

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