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Online dating and marriage Statistics

There is nothing new to talk about falling in love. People have always fallen in love from time immemorial. There is a new angle to how people meet and fall in love. This is what we call modern love which is fueled by digital dating.

Even in Kenya, many couples will tell you that they meet online through websites such as this and this. A good number of others are reported to have met on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Elsewhere in America, a third of the married couples meet online for the first time. That is a huge number of people. It’s a paradigm shift in the world of dating and falling in love.

The Economist approximates that approximately 200 million people use online dating platforms.

The users are happy because they have at their disposal a huge variety of possible partners to choose from because before the advent of these new digital platforms people were just restricted to their social class or geographical location.


Online dating is not just a smooth flow, it is associated with a number of challenges. First, sometimes, there is no transparency because one can cheat the other that they are in one place when they are actually in a different place.

Secondly, researchers have shown that online dating has a relationship with depression and unnecessary anxieties.


In overall, online dating is a good thing because in America, it is driving up inter-racial marriages. It is a powerful tool in helping people to avoid social barriers and find prospective partners faster that the traditional way.

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