Crop Failure is Terrible

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Crop Failure is Terrible

“Imagine that a spell of bad weather wipes out a whole potato crop dramatically reducing the supply. The human cost could be devastating- the nineteen-century potato blight in Ireland saw crop failures of up to 30 percent, contributing to the Great Famine of 1844 to 1849 in which one million people died.” – Dambisa Moyo in her book Winner Take All (page 138)

The above statement gives you a glimpse of what damage can be caused by crop failure.

Let’s take farming with the seriousness it deserves. Our scientists should put more efforts in finding cures for major pests and diseases that attack our food and cash crops.

Otherwise none will be spared by the consequences of crop failure.


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Geoffrey Kerosi is a prolific economics writer and an avid reader in economics, finance, business, politics and technology. He holds bachelors' Degree in Economics and Statistics from Kenyatta University. He has over 4 years of extensive experience working as a Policy researcher and Budget Analyst for Civil Society in Kenya. Contact: Email: Phone: +254 713 639 776 (Whats-app only) Twitter: @gkerosi

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