Charles Onyango-Obbo on Climate Change

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Charles Onyango-Obbo on Climate Change

The great writer has written a great article on adaptation and resilience against climate change. He argues that the rich will better adapt to effects of climate change compared with the poor who are the majority in Kenya.

He provides examples such as “fog catching” as practiced in Chile. As a risult of this technology Chile produces more food than most Africa countries. You may be wondering on how this ‘fog catching’ works. Onyango-Obbo explains the process as follows:

They put up large mesh nets that capture clouds of fog, mostly in the night, and condense it into clean water. They then use it to drink and irrigate.

Near home, Morroco is no longer held by the ‘tyrannies of lakes and rivers’ it practices fog catching as source of water for domestic and irrigation.

I’m informed that there are ‘fog catchers’ in Kenya too.

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