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CNN stands for Cable News Network. It’s an American cable and satellite television news channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System. The latter is a division of Time Warner. CNN was founded back in 1980 by Ted Turner as a 24/7 news channel. This TV station was a pioneer in that respect of proving news around the clock. It’s all news.

The CNN TV channel operates from the CNN Center in Atlanta but owns studios in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. There is a CNN International and CNN/US or CNN Domestic.

CNN was available in an excess of 100 million American households in the United States of America. It’s also available on satellite and cable providers across Canada. CNN is available to international audience abroad in over 212 countries.

CNN is now available on numerous websites, cable and satellite TV providers and closed-circuit channels for instance CNN Airport. The company operates from 31 international bureaus and further 11 domestic ones. In addition to that there are numerous foreign language networks globally.

In 1996, Ted Turner acquired Turner Broadcasting System making him a media mogul. CNN2 was launched on Jan 1982 which features 24 hour news with 30-minute cycles.

Over the years, CNN has been at the forefront of breaking news about major events in the world history. In 1991, CNN’s capacity was tested through breaking news during the Persian Gulf War making the station by-pass all the “big three.” In fact CNN was the only news outlet with the ability to communicate from inside Iraq while bombing was ongoing providing live reports from Baghdad by Peter Arnett, Bernard Shaw and John Holliman.

In the year 2000 CNN turned 20 years old and its reporters such as Bernard Shaw after reporting from Baghdad for many years became chief anchor until his retirement in 2001.

CNN became the first cable company to break the news of the Sep 11 attacks in America. This is the time when a plane crashed into the World Trade Center located in Manhattan.

2008 U.S. presidential election

In 2008 CNN spent a lot of time on coverage of politics. They hosted candidate debates for both the Democratic and Republican primaries. In 2007 CNN partnered with YouTube to host the presidential debates.

2016 U.S. Elections

The 2016 US presidential elections made the CNN’s most watched year in its history. The channel covered Trump campaign rallies. CNN was criticized for hiring one Corey Lewandowski who was still working as Trump Campaign Manager.

CNN made an extensive coverage of Donald Trump during the campaigns. The station noted that he was the only candidate who was willing to give on-air interviews among all the Republican candidates. Trump and Bernie Sanders accused CNN of focusing too much attention on Hillary Clinton. Trump refereed to CNN as “Clinton News Network.”

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