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Land Compensation on Suswa SGR Route 

The latest reports on Kerosi Dotcom desk indicates that there are 77 land owners occupying 120 kilometer stretch of land where the SGR will be constructed in Suswa.

On Tuesday last week a meeting between National Land Commission (NLC), local administration and the local Maasai community was held at Duka Moja to discuss the issues of land among others.

“We will compensate landowners whether they have title deeds or not, as long as they prove that they are rightful owners,” said Mohamed Swazuri, the NLC Chair.

The chair further said that the commission will take more precautions to ensure that the compensation for land does not get misused. This was after beneficiaries from Phase I of the project were reported to have squandered their money leaving their families in dire situation.

Last Saturday, residents of Suswa SGR route staged demos accusing the Chinese Communication & Construction Company of segregating them when it comes to hiring workers to help in construction of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

On the killing of one of the residents by a police officer following a protest on Saturday of 6th January, 2018 the demonstrators demanded to be paid Ksh. 10 million as compensation.

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