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BOOK: The Case Against Education

Professor Bryan Douglas Caplan has announced that his new book will should be available in our bookshops. The book is titled: The Case Against Education: Why Education System is A Waste of Time and Money.

This book took the good professor 10 years to complete. It is not just on education, it looks at various other topics such as economics, psychology etc. He calls it “interdisciplinary odyssey.” He also argues for “ban of Intelligence quotient testing for employment.

Bryan Caplan is an American economist and professor at George Mason University. He is a frequent contributor at Freakonomics blog and writes on his own blog called EconLog. He is a familiar figure to me at least through his blog.

I’m just wondering what will the book tell us considering it has been written by a professor who himself has the highest level of education (he earned a doctorate in economics).

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