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What a rainy day in Nairobi!

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What a rainy day in Nairobi

This is the day we used to describe in our high school essays as “raining cats and dogs“. I don’t even know what the wise men were thinking when they compared heavy rains to cats and dogs. Anyway,  it is pouring seriously as if it is on a revenge mission.

Businesses have come to a screeching halt due to the rains.  Cloths and bags sellers have covered their merchandise with polythene covers to protect them from rain, fruits and vegetables are taking the brunt part of the situation.

My shoe shiner is the only person who is happy with the situation.  She told me that she prays God that rainy season prolongs so that she can earn enough money for her kids school fees in January.

She is forward thinking or futuristic individual.  It’s November but experience has taught her how January looks like.

January to many Kenyans is Njaanuary. This is in reference to the dryness even in terms of money hence the hunger which comes with it.

Back to the present,  rain is useful when it falls with moderation.  Most of the time it falls when we expect it least. Like today,  when people are supposed to be on the move to their place of work.

In the past rain has been attributed to heavy traffic in major urban areas such as Nairobi,  Mombasa and Kisumu among others.  It can cause a serious snarl up.

Accidents are prone to happen during rainy seasons.  Motor vehicles can slide off the road and fall off cliffs in the name of rain. You may be aware of the current stories in the news.

For instance, the governor of Nyeri County died recently of a road accident. Rain and slippery roads were blamed until a professional eye witness came into the picture and made people doubt the entire story.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) raised concerns on how comes one man is witnessing high profile accidents in Nakuru and Muranga. Each time he changed his profession but his eye-glasses betrayed him. A friend of mine was calling them high-grade military eye-wear with night vision and several other special features.

Rain is subsiding now, allow me to go to work.  We will revisit this underrated story of rainy day in Nairobi.

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