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Geoffrey Kerosi here. I recently attended a workshop organized by S&P Global and here is what I learnt about green bonds and green debts.

Sandra Pereira, the Senior Director Sales for Infrastructure finance did a lot of good work on explaining the new concept of green bonds. She basically revealed to us that green bond is basically “self-clearing” market.

This market is just five years old. The first issue of green bonds was made in 2012. It was mostly focused on investment grade credit.

The following are the reasons why we should go green:

  1. Green bonds appeal to millennials as employees
  2. It will help you diversify your investor base
  3. It can make it possible for you to enjoy the long term pricing advantage
  4. It sends a proactive and strong message to stakeholders
  5. It is a way to internally benchmark your green performance

It is important to meet your client needs by having a look at climate resilience and environmental impact. The S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluation makes use of weighted average by looking at adaptation, transparency, mitigation and governance.

If we go green, then we will see less and dirty coal being adopted by countries. Instead many countries will embrace renewable energy such as wind farms in Germany.

S&P Global Ratings has performed Green Evaluation on the following projects in the past:

We will keep you updated on this topic and many more.

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