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Feminist Economics in a Snapshot

I hope we have all heard about gender hostility in economics. There is a movement known as Feminist economics. Wikipedia describes feminist economics as a study in economics which involves history, methodology, empirical research and epistemology meant to overcome patriarchal biases.

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The feminist economics obviously focuses on topics of interest to women. The end product of gender economics is having a gender inclusive economics.

The field of feminist economics has been recognized since 1990s. In fact, there is even a journal called Feminist Economics. In addition to that there is what we call the International Association for Feminist Economics.

Many critics have in the past claim that it’s the nature of economics to keep out women. This means that there is plenty of male ways of thinking in this field of economics.

As you may be guessing, most of the greatest contributors to Feminist economists are women. You’re right. It will not be a miracle that economists might be unaware of Feminist economics.

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