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In 2000, Nate Silver graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, University of Chicago. He was a writer for the Chicago Maroon and Chicago Weekly News. He spent his 3rd year abroad at the London School of Economics.

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2000 – 2003: Economic Consultant

Immediately after graduation from Chicago University. For 3.5 years Nate Silver worked as a consultant on transfer pricing for KPMG branch in Chicago. These are four years Silver describes as doing what he did not like.

Even when working at KPMG, Silver continued to develop his skills in Baseball statistics. He also started to work part-time on the PECOTA system. This system was used for projecting the performance of baseball players over their careers. He resigned in April 2004 and started playing online poker for a living.

2003 – 2008: Baseball Analyst

Silver became a writer for Baseball Prospectus (BP). He was later made a managing partner of BP. Between 2003 and 2009, Silver wrote books such as Won a World Series, Major League Baseball forecasts; Mind Game: How the Boston Red Sox Smart, Created a New Blueprint for Winning, Baseball Between the Numbers as well as It Ain’t Over ‘till It’s Over: The Baseball Prospectus Pennant Race Book.

Nate Silver has written numerous articles for New York Sun,, Slate, New York Times and Sports Illustrated. In total Silver has written over 200 articles for Baseball Prospectus.

Political Analyst 2008

Since 2008, Nate Silver has been the Editor-in-Chief of FiveThirtyEight Blog. In this blog, Nate Silver started writing for Daily Kos under the pseudonym “Poblano.” His main objective was to analyze the quantitative aspects of politics to inform the audience.

Polls and demographics interested him most. His blog FiveThirtyEight derived its name from the no. of electors in the United States of America Electoral College.

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