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Pakistan is officially Kenya’s top importer

For a long time, Uganda and Tanzania have been Kenya’s top export drivers. Now there is a new kid on the block: Pakistan. USA is also a major destination for Kenya exports.

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In 2017, Pakistan overthrew Uganda as the leading importer of Kenyan products. Kenya is now exporting goods worth Ksh. 24.8 billion a year to May 2016. This was a 90 percent jump in volume of exports to Pakistan.

Meanwhile Kenya exporting goods to the United States valued at Ksh. 18.5 billion. This is a 20 percent growth in value.

Exports to Uganda have remained the same pegged at Ksh. 21.9 billion in the same period. It’s unfortunate that Tanzania has tremendously reduced her imports from Kenya.

Kenya’s tea is getting a huge market in Pakistan. The United States is consuming lots of our textile and apparel.

This may be due to the fact that Kenya is a beneficiary of AGOA or African Growth and Opportunity Act. This legislation allows SSA countries to export goods to USA tax-free.

For an entire decade, Uganda has been a leading buying Kenyan goods and services.

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