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IEBC Commission Has Made Available Forms 34(a) 

The IEBC Commission has created a desk from which candidates can pick the forms which they need to verify their tallying.

The Chairman, Chebukati has disputed NASA’s claims of hacking of IEBC database system. He further mentioned that all the scanned copies of Form 34(a) are available for reviewing by the chief agents.

The Chair of IEBC Commission has downplayed the claims of hacking as alleged by National Super Alliance (NASA). That notwithstanding, Wabukati has indicated that the commission will carry out an audit to find out whether that is true.

The CEO of IEBC has responded to allegations of hacking  by saying that the system is very secure and beyond reproach.

On weather all form were signed by the party agent, he has said affirmed that. The law provides that if the agent refuses to sign, the Polling Officers can proceed by indicating the reasons why the agent(s) refused to sign.

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