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NGO Co-ordination Board wants Rosemary Odinga Foundation Accounts Freezed

The Central Bank of Kenya has been requested by the NGO Coordination Board to freeze the bank accounts of Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya (a foundation linked to Rosemary Odinga). This was after the foundation received Ksh. 530 million from George Soros Foundation. 

NGO Coordination Board alleged that the funding will be used to finance electoral campaigns. The board wrote a letter addressed to the governor of Central Bank to that effect. 

The board expressed its believe that the funds were meant to finance the NASA presidential candidate, Rail Odinga’s campaigns. 

The NGO Co-ordination Board noted that the Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya is chaired by Ms. Jaqueline Achayo Moraa and the secretary is Meshack Odede. 

NGO Coordination Board letter
NGO Coordination Board letter

Below is a sample of tweets about this issue: 

NGO Coordination Board
NGO Coordination Board

Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) suggested that the Board is an arm of the executive: 

NGO Board
NGO board is an arm of the executive arm of government
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