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Wonder Woman is an American superhero film and it is breaking records. For non-animation films, it is doing great. It’s a product of a woman director and it has grossed over $615 million globally. It has even broken the record of Mamma Mia, a movie produced in 2008 under the directorship by Phyllida Lloyd which grossed $609 million.

The Wonder Woman was directed by a single female director and for a live-action movie, it has broken the records.

On the 3rd Friday of domestic release, the movie earned $10.8 million gross. By the 4th Friday, it earned a total of $7.35 million. This was a 32 per cent from its performance during the previous week.

All the figure we are talking about here is domestic earnings. The earnings from diaspora has not yet been released.

It has been predicted that when the movie’s earnings pass the $665 million mark, it will pass King Fu Panda 2 directed by Jennifer Yuh to become the biggest movie of all time directed by a female director.

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