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London Bridge Terror Attacks

Last night there were horrific attacks in London. There is progress since the Metropolitan Police Service have arrested 12 individuals in Barking towards East London.

United Kingdom Police received reports from the citizens about a white van that ploughed into two pedestrians on London Bridge.

The white van was then driven to the Borough Market where the three occupants abandoned it and carried out a stabbing spree in restaurants and pubs.  

The suspects are reported that they were armed with suicide vests. Armed police officers the three terror suspects and killed them on the spot.

A total of seven people were killed in addition to the three terror suspects. It is also reported that 48 people were hospitalized.

During the crossfire, police officers shot 50 bullets. At least one member of the public was hit on the head. A senior medic from the Royal London Hospital reported that the man who was hit by a bullet will fully recover.

Teresa May, the British Prime Minister condemned the attacks and termed them to be a “perversion of Islam.” She further noted that ‘enough is enough’. She was speaking outside 10 Downing Street after a meeting with the Emergency Committee named Cobra.

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