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Unga revolution in Kenya: Maize Flour Prices reduced

Unga revolution in Kenya, it’s expected that starting today, we will be able to buy 2kg of maize flour at Ksh. 90 from all high Ksh. 160 currently.

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The unga revolution is according to the CS for Agriculture Willy Bett. In addition to offering millers to import maize duty free, they were also given subsidies in order to bring down the food prices. 

Media has reported that 30,o00 Metric tonnes of Maize arrived from South Africa. This maize is being sold to millers at Ksh. 2,900 per 90 kg bag. 

Meanwhile maize produced locally is being retailed at Ksh. 4,500 per 90 kilo bag.

It’s so immoral for any millers of businessmen hording maize to harvest on increased food prices. Shame on you!

Unga Revolutions continues shortly…

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