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Rain is a blessing

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Here in Ukunda town it has been raining mostly for the last 2 weeks. The residents are happy. Rainfall is a blessing. The same is the case in other parts of Kenya. 

When there was no rain, people cried. Hunger reached it’s climax. People slept on empty stomach most of the time. 

Livestock perished in large numbers. Died due to lack of pasture and water to drink. Rainfall It was a messy. The government promised that no person will die due to shortage of food.

This created hope but most people never believed it will be so. No deaths were reported by media houses. 

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Weather conditions creates inflation 

Kinango Sub County is the driest part of Kwale County. This is a place that receives erratic rainfall. Our national and county government should device ways of making sure Kenya does not depend on rainfall-fed agriculture.

If a solution is not sort to that effect, we will always witness soaring prices for basic commodities such as Unga (Maize flour) and sugar. 

The local revenues collected by the counties is also affected by the weather conditions. If there is drought, it means that livestock farmers cannot supply health animals for slaughter and hence the cess paid will reduce significantly. 

Corruption at Center-stage

The problems we are facing are man made. There is no commitment towards agriculture. Most of our leaders are always looking for ways to empty public coffers. 


Sharing is Caring:
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  1. Ryann Briant Ryann Briant 12th May 2017

    Wonderful article thank you for sharing.

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