Modern Slave Markets in Libya

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Libya Slave Markets – shocking!

It’s so sad to learn that slavery is being practiced in Libya. 

West Africans are being sold in Libya slave markets. People smuggled through the country are sold and bought in full day light. 

This information was revealed by survivors from Libya. The International Organization for Migration has revealed a lot about this modern day slavery. They noted that slave trading is so normal in Libya that people are being solid in public places.

Why Libya?

Libya is considered to be an exit point for Africans what want to get to the European nations. In one particular case, a bus driver who was transporting migrants told them that he had not been paid his fees by the middlemen and as a result he sold all the passengers at some of the Libyan slave markets to recovered his fees. 

The travelers were taken to a parking lots (read Libyan slave markets) or square where some Arabs were buying migrants from Sub Saharan countries. 

Private prisons 

Once the migrants are bought, they are jailed in some private prisons where they work without pay and live under dirty conditions. The owners of those prisons call the home countries of their slaves and demand for ransom to be paid. 

Those who stay long before their ransom is paid are transferred to a larger prison where ransom demanded doubles. If not, they are killed. 

The IOM is helping spread the word on the danger involved for West Africans trying to close to Europe on boats through Libya. They are sold in Libyan slave markets. Very few people seems to know that Libya is a danger zone. 

Work done by slaves 

Once the African slaves are sold/bought they are recruited to work as construction works. They are never paid. Instead they are later sold to other buyers. Women are mostly sold to private clients and used as sex slaves. These slaves are reported to be in hundreds. To make matters worse, there are some criminal groups in Libya and Niger who pose as aide workers but end up selling the kidnapped migrants as slaves at the Libyan slave markets. 

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