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The National Treasury has proposed a total budget of Ksh. 103.6 for the  Kenya Ministry of Defence. This is an increase by Ksh. 4.9 billion from Ksh. 98.7 billion allocated in FY 2016/2017 to the proposed Ksh. 103.6 billion. Most of this budgetary increase will go towards promoting National defense. This programme received an an increase of Ksh. 5.1 billion. 

The Civil Aid Programme was created under the Ministry of Defence to support humanitarian activities around Kenya. Decreasing this budget is a great injustice. The situation is worsened by the fact that there is no narrative to explain to us why this choices has been made. As a patriotic Kenyan, you can now raise this issue during the planned public hearings on the national budget which is expected to happen soon.

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This simply means that in FY 2017/2018 the Ministry of Defence will see fewer humanitarian assistance activities such as: drilling of boreholes, installation of water pumps and assistance during disasters. The Ministry of Defence budget for Civil Aid is expected to decrease from Ksh. 450 million in FY 2016/2017 to Ksh. 200 million in FY 2017/2018.  This is a 55.5% decrease in when the proposed budget for FY 2017/2018 is compared with that of fiscal year 2016/2017.  

Most recently, on February 2017 the Ministry of Defence (KDF) participated in Drought Mitigation through supplying of livestock drought pellets. The Kenya Defence Forces provided 15 trucks to carry these pellets from Unga Farm Care Limited. 

These are the type of services we would like to see from our able Kenya Defence Force (KDF). This cannot happen if we cut the budget for Civil Aid.

source: Programme Based Budget FY 2017/2018 

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