Equity Kenya’s Budget 2017

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Equity is the treatment of different people differently. The International Budget Partnership has in the recent past explored the issue of equity at length. 

In this blog article, we are exploring the issue of equity and budget through the use of funds. There are approximately 46 public funds which are expected to promote equity. The funds are set up with the aim of promoting equitable distribution of resources. 

The examples of funds in Kenya include: 

  1. Uwezo Fund was allocated Ksh. 0.7 billion 
  2. NGCDF was allocated a total of Ksh. 30.9 billion 
  3. Equalization Fund = Ksh. 7.7 Billion 
  4. National Development Fund for Persons with Disability = Ksh. 0.4 Billion 
  5. National Government Constituency Fund (NGCDF) = Ksh. 30.9 billion 
  6. Drought Management Fund

The NGCDF is domiciled to the State Department for National Planning and Statistics. The fund has a draft budget of Ksh. 30.9 billion. This is the famous NGCDF which I wrote about back in 2015. I was arguing why NGCDF is still unconstitutional. 

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Sharing of NGCDF 

Three quarters of the fund is shared equally among the 290 constituencies. Out of the remaining, a third is shared according to the National Poverty Index multiplied by the Constituency poverty index. 

Equalization Fund 

The National Treasury is reported to have appointed a Funds administrator. It is also important to note that the board started discharging their mandate as far as the Affirmative Fund is concerned. Finally, the Equalization Fund Account was opened at the Central Bank on June 30th, 2016 with a balance of Ksh. 6.4 billion. 

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