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Kenya budget estimates in FY 2017/2018

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I’m currently working towards having a better understanding of the national draft budget which are in the public domain. For this purpose I will use four main parameters. This is my effort in seeking to understand the Kenya budget estimates and the related policy changes. 

This is very important as I seek to to understand what is hidden behind the innocent looking data and accompanying narrative. 

The following is a summary of items I will put under the lens to understand the budget better and give high quality input during the public hearings on budget.

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a) Macroeconomic estimates for the fiscal year: –

Under this parameter I will find out what is the estimated economic growth and inflation rates. Will there be any changes in the estimated interest and unemployment rates? I guess all patriotic Kenyans look forward to seeking a budget that stirs economic growth through job creation and creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. 

b) Revenue estimates: – 

Under this item I will try to identify all the sources of finance for the proposed draft budget. I will list each type of taxes and the amount that the national treasury is anticipating to raise from them. I’ll check this against previous records to find out whether there is deviations in policy. 

c) Debt Estimates 

Under this item I will try to understand how the national government is planning to finance and refinance her public debts. This is very important because it will determine whether these debts are sustainable in the long-run. 

d) Expenditure estimates 

This is the area under which I will look at how much will each Ministry, Department and Agencies will receive during the 2017/2018 fiscal year. 

Keep coming back to this blog regularly to discover the findings that we are making from budget analysis. I’ll also post videos clearly illustrating our budget analysis efforts. I will also post my analysis on social media especially on Twitter and Facebook to make sure you are on the light when it comes to understanding the budget contents. This way you will have a say in how our resources are spent by the national government. It is also my since hope that you will read the budget estimates and draft your own proposals to the Budget and Appropriation Committee at the National Assembly

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Sharing is Caring:
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