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Kenya Wage Bill increases as elections nears

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The International Monetary Fund has reported that Kenya is one of the countries where the wage bill increase as the general elections approach. The other countries are: Moldova and Kosovo.

Averagely, the wage bill will increase by 0.53% during the election year. The IMF is worried whether this increased spending will be sustainable after the elections.

This clearly shows that the impact of an election is bigger in the developing world. By September, Kenya’s public debt will stand at $36 billion or Ksh. 3.6 trillion.

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The increasing wage bill is occasioned by the fact that the Salaries and Renumeration Commission had made an upward review of salaries for all civil servants. This means that the lowest paid civil servant will take home Ksh. 14,442 or an equivalent of $140 per month. The highest paid employee in Kenya will take home Ksh. 292,765 equivalent to $2,900.

The table below shows how Kenya’s lowest and highest salaries compare with rest of East African Countries:

Country  Lowest Salary  Highest Salary 
Kenya $140 $2,900
Uganda $52 $1,366
Rwanda $255 $1,905
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