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Trumps should Learn American History

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Trump Should Learn some American History

Trump is unraveling feathers not only in America but across the globe and it seems that he does not understand the American history. He is even shifting American values. Every day of the week comes with its own new decrees.

On Thursday, he moved furthest from the norms by suggesting that refugees from seven Muslim countries should not be allowed to enter the United States.  This was the first time in American history!

Trump has practically abolished the 1954 Johnson Amendment that stated that religious groups and organizations which are tax exempted should not support parties of political candidates. 

Individuals and organizations who violated this law lost their tax-exemption status. There are many good reasons why property held by churches should be taxed. This is a very sensitive topic though.

There is need for neutrality when it comes to religious issues. This is what defines Americans. Just before Trump entered the stage, they had managed to separate the state and religion. Therefore, it is very essential for the state never to prefer one religion over the other. The boundary between religion and the state should be clearly marked and made bold.

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