Glassdoor finds that employees value other factors more than a salary

factors that contribute to job satisfaction
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Glassdoor finds out that there are factors that employees value more than a salary!!!

There are numerous factors that contribute to job satisfaction for many people. You may not agree with us on this but it is the truth. I agree with you that salary is important to all of us but it is not the only factor that matter. It is one of the biggest factors that contribute to job satisfaction. Findings from Glassdoor’s new research shows that what makes employees happy at their work place varies depending on their level of income.

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Princeton University reports that there is a tipping point after which income is not a problem. The University has put this tipping point at $75,000. The study noted that there are factors that contribute to job satisfaction other that their level of income.  There are actually other workplace factors that employees treasure and this changes as salaries increase over time.

Glassdoor arrived at these recommendations after analyzing data of 6,000 users factors that contribute to job satisfaction.  The following six factors were explored: career opportunities, culture & values, business outlook, senior leadership, compensation & benefit and work-life balance.

The analysis method used to arrive at the factors that contribute to job satisfaction was Shapley Value. This analyzes the various factors that affect the overall outlook of employees.

Values and culture were identified as the biggest determinants of factors that contribute to job satisfaction. This contributed to 22 percent of the total pie. The second factor is the quality of leadership which came closely at 21 percent. The third one was availability of career opportunities. The other factors which proved to be important are: work-‘life-balance, compensation & benefits and business outlook.

It was noted that compensation only becomes less important for jobs whose salaries are higher.  This means that if the salary needs are met, then employees worry less and less about it. The other factors such as culture, career opportunities and quality of senior leadership get more attention.

I have to put a caveat at this point. Do not let this findings bar you from asking for a salary increment at your place of work.

Kindly, share with us what factors that contribute to job satisfaction at your workplace.

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