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Donald Trump Comments on European Union Stirs Reaction 

The European political leaders have not taken lightly the inflammatory comments made by the US President-elect during his interviews with the BILD and The Times Newspapers.

Donald Trump predicted that the European Union will fall. That was not all, he termed NATO as obsolete. He would not end those interviews before criticizing Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. He called her recent refugee policy and I quote “catastrophic mistake.”

Many European leaders have denounce these Donald Trump comments and supported the fellow leader Angela Merkel.

Angela Merkel would not resist responding to the verbal attacks by telling the Europeans that they have their destiny on their own hands. She also said that her position has been known for a long time.

Francois Hollande, the French President advised Trump that the European Union has not asked for advice from outsiders. They know what to do.

Michael Sapin, the current French Finance Minister said the comments by Donald Trump were completely unacceptable and added that they cannot accept bad comments against the German Chancellor.

The Vice Chancellor (Germany), Sigmar Gabriel while delivering his speech in Berlin said that America cannot become great through protectionism and nationalism. This was an indirect response against Donald Trump’s efforts to divide the Europeans and the direct attack of Germany’s refugee policy.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier and EU in general was astonished by Trump’s comments about NATO. Generally, the Europeans responded in one voice against Trump comments. Angela Merkel promised that the 27 states of EU will remain strong. Actually, this comments have brought out a strong spirit of European solidarity.

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