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Making a Better Resume in 2017

The new year gives you a chance to make better resume that grabs the attention of prospective employers.

I know most people have new resolutions and one of them is looking for a new job in 2017. If this is one of your goals for the New Year, then you have come to the right place. You will be tempted to scroll through your files in search of your resume for your job finding mission.

It is important to note that updating your resume should not happen just because you are looking for a job. You can update it nevertheless. January is the best opportunity for you. This is what I usually call an annual performance review. It is the best time to capture promotions (if any), and other changes in your career. I hope now you have seen why you should update your resume.

The following 5 items must be removed from your resume:

  1. a) Lots of details about your college years

Now, assuming that you are not a fresh graduate, it is time to let the college story disappear from your resume. Your education should not be at the top of your resume. Move it towards the end to make a better resume.

It does not make sense why a decade after graduating a job seeker should indicate college club membership on their resume!

  1. b) Language

Unless you are applying for a job where language is a requirement, including language on your resume is a waste of space. Put this on your personal website or LinkedIn profile. You can reveal that you are a multi-talented candidate during the interview. Do not overcrowd your resume with such content.

  1. c) Internships, Prizes and Fellowships

Actually it is considered that less is more. Make sure you list your successes to make a better resume.

  1. d) References

Experts have raised mixed reactions about dropping names during the interview process. This only works if you are a personal assistant of a world famous business executive. References should be provided when requested for. Focus on highlighting the accomplishments.

  1. e) Drop any dates or years that will create ageist thoughts

Do not give people more information than they actually need. Experts have suggested that job seekers should even post more youthful looking images on your social media profiles if they feel that age will be against them.

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