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Loss of a Pan Africanist: Prof. Rok Ajulu

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It is with profound sadness that  we announce the death of Prof. Rok Ajulu. He was the beloved husband of Lindwe Sisulu, South Africa’s Minister for Human Settlements and member of parliament since 1994.

It is reported on Social Media that Professor Ajulu was working on a book about Kenya on the time of his demise.

prof. Rok Ajulu
prof. Rok Ajulu











Professor Rok Ajulu had made a lot of contributions in fight against Apartheid system. ANC appreciated his efforts.

Professor was known for being:

  • cosmopolitan
  • western educated with good grounding in Afrocentric wisdom
  • specialist in African politics as well as international relations
  • a lecturer at Wits and Rhodes Universities for nearly 20 years
  • well versed in modernism, politics, philosophy and literature
Prof. Rok Ajulu
The African National Congress (ANC) sent their condolences to Lindwe Sisulu. 

Professor Rok Ajulu was a great family man as you can see below:

Prof. Rok Ajulu
Prof. Rok Ajulu















The friends of Prof. Rok Ajuku spoke:

Prof Rok Ajulu
Prof Rok Ajulu

Shaka Sisulu, a family member did a superb job honoring the great scholar, father, grandfather and human rights defender.

Prof. Rok Ajulu
Prof. Rok Ajulu











Prof Rok Ajulu
Prof Rok Ajulu
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  1. Juliejoify Juliejoify 14th January 2017

    Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

    • Editor-in-Chief Editor-in-Chief Post author | 14th January 2017

      Dear Julie,

      Thank you for the comment. We will keep the conversation going.

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