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YouTube Daredevil hurts his feet

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One Anthony Booth Armer is a 28 year old daredevil known for jumping into water pools from building and the ocean. He uses the user name “8Booth” on YouTube and has attracted tens of thousands of video views for his daring stunts.
On the fateful day, Armer jumped off Pacific Edge Hotel located on South Coast highway at 8:20 PM or thereabout.
This time round he missed the target because his feet hit the side of the pool. Consequently, his feet were severely injured. He quickly swam to the edge and dragged himself away.
This was not the first time he was jumping off buildings or cliffs into pools of water is interesting that he has been on the police radar because of his activities. He poses a lot of risks on himself as well as others.
Seeking Medical Help
After the accident Armer started a GoFundMe Page where he was soliciting for financial medical help from well-wishers. This action received mixed reactions on social media. A number of his supporters made their contributions but others did not like the idea.
Photos showed him on a hospital bed with his shattered feet on cast. He is waiting for two more surgeries.

“What am I going to say to haters? I’m so sick of people hating me for doing what I love and going at it full force.” Said Anthony Armer.
The media and public was wondering whether Armer will give up on the daring jumps.
“When I die,” he further said.

Sharing is Caring:
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