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Let your Company become Disruptive by Hiring Female Engineers

All over the world business leaders are always worried by the low numbers of female engineers working in the technical departments. This is even worse when it comes to mission-critical roles. Think of software engineering, how many women are running own companies?

Study reports from Morgan Stanley and McKinsey have shown that teams with a large numbers of women on their teams are performing well financially. They also compete   better in the marketplace.

In other countries such as America, company founders who want to make tons of money try to increase the ratio for women in their technical team. A company whose engineering team is made up of men only is more likely to miss the set goals or targets.

Consider this article as a ‘how-to-guide’ on hiring female engineers who get the job done.

Growing entry-level engineers to mid-level

It’s quite simple just raise their coding skills. Starting from middle to the top, staff loves to be experts in what they do. They can be in-charge of in-house boot camps and mentors the entry level staff into becoming experts.

This sounds very exhausting but is the only option that you have to build a formidable team that meets deadlines and produces quality work.

After acquiring and growing them, will you keep them?

After winning at the recruitment battlefront, there is another battle remaining: retention. In the workplace always make women feel welcome and appreciated. It’s possible that once you have grown a female engineer from an entry level job to a manager you may face the risk of them leaving the company.

Change the ratio

It’s now as easy as 1-2-3 to change the ratio of your team. If you do this be assured of becoming even more innovative, making more money. Make it open. Allow women (even from other professions) to join your team. There are lawyers, doctors, teachers out there who have a great affinity for software development or coding.

Points to remember:

  • Hire qualified female staff for entry level but with middle level skills in their professional careers.
  • Cultivate their programming skills though in-house training rather than poaching workers who have been trained by other companies.
  • Always lookout for culture that drives out successful women from your organization.
  • Your job as a manager or founder is to build a formidable team to handle complex projects with ease and above all be able to retain the team.
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