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It is unbelievable that a songwriter folk singer, Bob Dylan has bagged the Nobel Literature Prize. The announcement  was received with a lot of applause from the journalists who were in attendance.  

The 75 years old was honored “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” reported the Swedish Academy.

Bob Dylan
Photo: Bob Dylan performing
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bob has been mentioned in previous several years as a contender for the prize but he was not taken seriously. As a winner of this prize, he now takes home USD$906,000 prize sum.

It is inspiring to learn that Bob Dylan started his music life from a very humble background. At time of his birth in 1941 he was named Robert Allen Zimmerman(Lady Gaga is the other singer who changed her name). He started by performing in nightclubs. In 1960, he became a school dropout and moved to New York City.

Civil Rights Activism 

Bob Dylan never feared confronting social injustice in the society using his guitar. He was particularly against war and racism. He recorded a total of 300 songs in his first three years as a musician.

Bob Dylan made his first British tour in 1965 and that trip was recorded in a documentary titled: Don’t Look Back. 

In 1966, Dylan was involved in a deadly motorcycle accident. This event slightly interrupted his life as a folk singer.

Bob Dylan has won a total of 11 Grammy awards, an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award. The Oscar was won for the best original song: Things Have Changed used in the film Wonder Boys.

This prize crowns the Nobel Season for 2016. A number of other winners have been announced for economics, medicine, peace, chemistry and physics. The prize for peace was won by President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos to reward his struggle to end over 5o years war with the FARC mercenaries.

On 10th December, 2016 Bob Dylan will join other 2016 laureates in receiving their diploma and a gold medal in Stockholm as tradition demands. This marks the anniversary of the death of the person who created the prize: Alfred Nobel.

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