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  • There are 8 million internet users
  • 40 million Kenyans own mobile phones
  • Kenyatta University launched a website that will provide open source information to university staff, faculty and students.

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) has warned Kenyans to be careful because there is increased cybercrime in the country. The CAK chairman Ngene Gituku was saying this during the official launch of Kenyatta University’s website and other applications.

The CAK reported that they recently opened a cyber-insecurity response center which is expected to handle any real or expected threats in Kenya. It’s our sincere hope that they help in apprehending cyber criminals. 

The Chairman challenged Kenyan universities to increase their use of information and communication technologies to develop great innovations through research.

Dr. Reuben Njuguna, the online communications manager at Kenyatta University noted that the brand new website as well as mobile application will be crucial at providing open source information to university faculty, staff and students.
In conclusion, we urge you our readers to take extra care in securing their your private data to avoid getting caught unawares by the cyber criminals. 

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