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Corporate security is facing a lot of changes and mobile phones is posing a challenge. According to Harvard Business School’s Larry Dignan, many company management teams are grappling with data security. 

Many senior workers in the Information Communication and Technology have agreed with Havard’s research findings. This exposes companies that spend most of the time on mobile devices. A good example in this case is comScore whose employees spends 68 percent of their digital lives on mobile devices. 

Companies be aware that if mobile security is not a problem, then its on the way coming. This is the case because a number of events have happened that show that company data is in danger. These events are as follows: 

  1. Your Personal Identification Numbers can be extracted  from mobile devices 
  2. It was reported that Quadrooter (a flaw on Android) exposed over 900 million users to cyber attacks. 
  3. Pokemon Go had become a global crazy. The game was not available in some countries. This lead the people in those countries to  unauthorized websites where they become vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

The business of securing mobile mobile devices is quite complex and slippery. This is because of the unpredictable operating system for mobile devices. The other problem is that customers may have laxity in matters related to security. 

In conclusion, we have seen that mobile devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) can expose us to cyber-criminals. That one aside, I have a feeling the problem is us. The users of mobile devices. 

Let’s hear your voice on this matter. 


Sharing is Caring:

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