Somali Ban on Miraa Angers Meru Farmers

Miraa farming
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Until the time when the ban was made, Somali was Kenya’s largest export market for miraa. It is estimated that Kenya to make 20 flights to Somali from Nairobi to Mogadishu carrying miraa. 

The Miraa is consumed by chewing. The Somali and Arab communities are very popular consumers. Some farmers of miraa own large farms planted with this stimulant plant. 

The Somali ban on miraa has lead to loss approximated at Ksh. 50 million. This plane loads of miraa would not be transported to Somali. 

This ban triggered protests across Meru County. Mr. Peter Munya feared for his life because he believes that the miraa cartels are planning to kill him. They believe he is the one who orchestrated the ban on miraa from Kenya. He accepted the fact that he had traveled to Somali land but his mission was trying to open up markets for miraa. He would not understand how his opponents would create propaganda that he triggered the ban on miraa. 

“He linked the territorial integrity of the country to the miraa trade and interfered in the internal affairs of the country. This has created a lot of unbearable pressure on the government. We have suspended the trade to have these matters addressed,” Gamal Hassan, Somali Ambassador to Kenya speaking to the Daily Nation.


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