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The upgrading of Isiolo Airport to international standards is part of the flagship projects under the Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia (LAPPSET) corridor and now it is sadly reported to be behind schedule. The construction work on this airport started back on 24 October, 2014 and it is expected to come to completion by December 2016. 

The airport project in Isiolo was valued at Ksh. 2.7 Billion and it is in its second phase. The tender was won by Northern Construction Company Limited. The airport occupies land in both Isiolo and Meru Counties. 

It involves the construction of feeder roads, water and sewerage facilities, parking bays for aircraft, car parking areas, offices, control towers and terminal buildings. 

The total length of the runway is expected to be 2.5 kilometers but only 1.4 kilometers has been completed. Out of the 1.4 kilometers, approximately 600 meters has developed deep cracks. 

The water to be used at the airport is reported to come from Maili Saba in Meru County but this has been a challenge because Meru leaders opposed that arrangement. 

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