Sharing is Caring

When working in the technology sector it is very expensive to stagnate in any way. This is because technological transformation is a central theme in most organizations. It is especially the case for company executives who have to embrace life-long learning. It is no longer possible to leave the technology aspect of your company to the Information Technology department.

Further, it is now a good practice for the Information Technology managers to inform their bosses about emerging trends in technology. Make it a practice of bringing in technology vendors and speakers to update you on technology issues. Above all, it is the role of all managers to keep on top of technology. This is not an easy task but it is absolutely necessary to be ahead of the competition. There are numerous opportunities for learning.

If you are not from the information, technology and communication field, you may think that this does not real concern you. You have to make sure that your organization is current and never falls behind.

Below are the best ways for you to keep up with technology:

  1. Be hands-on with technology issues

As an executive you need first-hand experience. This is the best way for you to identify ways in which your organization can use technology to improve customer experience and improve processes. When you try new ideas, you have a lot to gain including generating new knowledge. There are many areas to start with. Go ahead and play the newest games in the market (Pokémon Go). Download applications. Work on remodeling your home or thinker with technology gadgets at your home. You will be surprised the knowledge you gain on process.

  1. Study online tutorials

There are several open online courses which are very popular among company executives because of their flexibility. Examples: edX, Coursera and Udacity. These sites will allow you to undertake courses from leading universities around the world. The future workforce will learn a lot from continuous learning. There is a long list of courses that you can study including: machine learning, design and cyber-security. If you are not able to commit yourself to Coursera then download YouTube tutorials. They can serve the same purpose. The secret is to always take a disciplined approach. For instance, devote at least 30 minutes or several hours every day towards studying technological trends.

It is my sincere hope that with the above digital strategies, you will be able to transform your organization, become more profitable and stay a head of the competition.

Sharing is Caring:

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