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Google Just Turned into Food Delivery in India

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Use of technology in the food industry has just gone a notch higher. It is even getting interesting how companies can use technology to put food on our tables.

The food industry in India was recently taking baby steps. Now Google has dived in to set things straight. The sector had faced enough misfortunes.

This means that the ‘place an order’ button will appear in the Google search results every time people look for nearby restaurants. Then, they will tap on that button and choose their favorite delivery services such as Swiggy or Zomato. This will take you to their website. Simple or so it sounds.

Google has also reported that they will make it possible for users to make table reservations right on the search page. A user will click on a link and be directed to the restaurant website. Wow! Things are changing real fast.

This was made possible after a partnership between Google and Swiggy and Zomato for the purpose of food delivery. Another partnership between the tech giant and Bytplus and Dineout will handle table reservations. These services are accessible on both Google app for iOS, Android devices as well as on Google Search.

These are efforts made by Google in integrating their services as they hunt for their next billion users. Previously, Google Maps was integrated with Ola and Uber showing fares and available riding options.

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