Over 4.6 million jobs in Australia to become obsolete!

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Findings of a research published by CodeCamp, LinkedIn and Expert360 indicates the following jobs in Australia will soon be fully automated and make jobs obsolete:

  • Food services and accommodation

  • Retail

  • Support services

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing

  • Administrative

 jobs in Australia
Australian Workers Union . photo credit: wikimedia commons

The Australian government has laid down plans to help her citizens ride on the looming technology wave. The following are some of the measures being taken:

  • promoting digital literacy

  • Increased focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Australian schools.

  • Specialized immigration to import talent from other countries

  • Establishment of innovation hubs to attract talent

Many experts agree that technology is bringing forth more jobs than those destroyed by it. The efforts to prepare for technology jobs in Australia is a good example of what governments globally should do.

Talk to us about your country’s preparedness for technology jobs. We will be glad to have a conversation with you.

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Geoffrey Kerosi, economic and public policy analyst based in Nairobi City. Email: geoffrey@kerosi.com. WhatsApp: +254713 639 776 YouTube: Kerosi TV

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