UN Passes Resolution on ISIS

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Source: United Nations 

UN Passes Resolution on ISIS

Finally UN has done something towards eradicating ISIS:  

The UN unanimously approved a resolution on Friday calling on governments to “take all necessary measures” in the fight against the Islamist militants of Isis.

Introduced by France, the Security Council resolution was an attempt to show international unity in the wake of the Paris attacks that killed 130 people and the Mali hotel attack, which took place only hours before the vote.

The vote on Friday represents a rare moment of international unity over Syria at the UN following several years of divisions that have often pitted western countries against Russia. Earlier in the week, the Russians introduced their own counter-terrorism resolution that had a broader focus than Isis and implied international co-operation with the Assad regime in Syria, however it was not taken up for consideration.

The resolution calls on UN members to “take all necessary measures, in compliance with international law” against Isis and called for the eradication of “safe havens” in Syria and Iraq. As well as Isis, it also includes Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria.

It does not invoke Article 7 of the UN Charter, which provides an international legal underpinning for outside military intervention.

However, the main powers on the Security Council remain divided on one of the central issues of how to bring about an end to the Syrian conflict and the long-term role of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad.

My Reflections 

This resolution was adopted on 20th November, 2015.  It will go a long way in suffocating the sources of revenue for Islamic State. It is reported to generate USD$1 million from sale of stolen oil every day. This is actually going to change. This resolution was co-sponsored by over 35 countries. Its main targets are: ransom from kidnappings, oil and antiquities. 

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